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Rossendale and Pendle MRT could not provide this valuable community service without the commitment and enthusiasm of our team members – both operational and support. So how do you become involved?

Here’s a few of the most frequently asked questions.

1How do I become an operational team member?

We aim to take on a new group of trainees every year. Anyone is welcome to apply to be a trainee, providing that they have no criminal record, a full UK Drivers License and that they can demonstrate the required commitment, a basic working knowledge of mountain-craft, have the necessary basic equipment and a willingness to learn new skills.

More importantly, they must be a team player.

2How long does training take?

Training begins with a six week induction period, which gives us the opportunity to assess your character, skills and teach you the basics of team membership. It also gives you the opportunity to decide whether this is for you!

Following the induction period, trainees join in with full team training – every Wednesday evening and at least one weekend session per month – to learn how the team works, how we approach different scenarios and to familiarise all team members with the equipment, procedures and protocols.

Individual trainees can become operational once they have shown that they have sufficient knowledge and commitment, however, this is rare within the first year of training. At this point, they are invited to attend certain call outs to further expand their skills.

Operational trainees are made up to fully operational team members only when the team leader is satisfied that they have fully demonstrated their commitment and the skill level required. This process may take two years or more.

Full team members continue to be assessed and monitored on their level of competence and commitment.

3What basic skills do I need?
Basic first aid certificate preferable and the ability to use a map and compass.
4What equipment do I need?

A trainee team member should have maps (1:25,000) of the team’s area, a compass, a rucksack (at least 30litre), suitable outdoor clothing, waterproofs and boots, as well as a head torch and hand torch.

Once operational, we aim to provide each team member with the team equipment they will require for call outs.

5How much time would I be expected to commit?

The honest answer is – far more than you think!

But the key word here is honesty. As volunteers, we all give as much time as we can afford. Work and family commitments vary from team member to team member and sometimes change with time. Some team members are available during the working week, others only in the evenings or at weekend. All we ask is that team members and potential members honestly assess the time they are prepared to commit and continue to do so. From an operational point of view this is key to knowing what resources we can offer the emergency services at any incident.

It’s not just availability for incidents you need to consider. There are the regular weekly training sessions, at least one full day weekend exercise a month and regular fundraising events. You will quickly find that mountain rescue becomes part of your life – and your family's!

6What skills should I have before applying for membership and what will you teach me?

We expect potential trainees to have a basic level of year round hill competence, be able to use a map and compass and to demonstrate an understanding of the basic knots such as bowline, figure of eight and clove hitch. A basic level of first aid competency is required and you would be expected to complete the Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Course and take the exam at the earliest opportunity.

As a trainee, you will be taught how to use the equipment and vehicles, you would also undertake training in radio communications, stretcher handling, search procedures and helicopter protocols.

Before being considered for operational team membership you will be expected to complete a weekend hill assessment, where you will work with other trainees to demonstrate your skill level.

7How can I become a support member?

Support members join in non-operational activities such as fundraising, events and ‘tin shakes’ – anything where we need more manpower and welcome a fresh input of ideas.

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